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Founded in 1993, Long Range Systems (LRS) provides cloud-enabled messaging, monitoring and indoor positioning services and solutions to more than 80,000 customer locations worldwide. LRS serve clients in hospitality, medical, retail and manufacturing markets. LRS owns 20 patents in over 30 market-leading products designed to enhance the guest experience, improve staff engagement, and monitor assets that give you the tools to increase effectiveness and profitability.

Guest Pagers

LRS guest pagers are simply powerful. Known as the fast, reliable way to notify customers, LRS guest pagers give you a non-obtrusive, discreet alternative for notifying customers when they’re needed.


LRS Staff Pager

Staff Pagers

Keep operations running smoothly with an LRS staff paging kit. Kits come with rechargeable staff pagers, a charging station, and a transmitter to send either an alert or a specific message to the right staff member.



LRS Push for service buttons

Push for Service buttons

Requesting assistance is as simple as a push of a button. LRS push-button paging kits instantly notify staff. LRS push-button paging systems include single and multi-button options.



LRS Radios

Two-way Radios

Two-way radios offer voice communication as a means to coordinate dispersed staff. LRS offer radios to complete your on-site communication program.