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Established in 1987 by Mr. Carmelo Agius and later on developed and solely owned by Mr. Paul Hyacinth Agius, Advanced Telecommunications Systems Co. Ltd encompasses a sale driven company which exclusively flourishes customer service. Having been involved in many sectors throughout the years, ATS proudly established a dominant position in the hotel and catering industries, governmental bodies as well as workspaces offering best of range telephone networks, computer networks, software design and development. It is best to mention ATS’s major business which the point of sale industry; an ever-growing industry which is of necessity in today’s technological world in many businesses, significantly in restaurants, bars and clubs.

At ATS, we promise quality products alongside excellent customer and aftersales services in order to ensure a ‘one of a kind’ experience, differentiating us from other competitors. We cater from larger scale businesses to small and private sectors, ensuring smooth and professional services nonetheless.

After Sales

At ATS, we embrace the concept of aftersales services in order to further ensure the smooth running of the product or service. With our technicians being available on a 24/7 basis, it is guaranteed that if something goes wrong whilst usage of our product or services, our technicians will resolve the malfunction within a very short period. In fact, many clients opt for our services due to the great aftersales service, ensuring that the matter will be outlined immediately, and can carry on smoothly with their work. It is usually a problem when a bar or club owner’s POS malfunctions during peak hours. Thus, ATS ensures that such occurrences are avoided. 

Customer Loyalty

The Annual Customer Sales Report outlines that “95 percent of customers say trusting a company increases their loyalty.” As a customer service driven company, ATS holds customer loyalty at a primitive status. Over the years, we have had many clients who have further expanded their businesses, be it from opening new restaurants or venturing into new fields of work. Nonetheless, they have still chosen ATS for their network services and software development. Such customers will not only benefit from special treatments in our company such as discounts and excellent aftersales service.



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