PARTIZAN is a European brand created in 2008, producing equipment and developing software for modern security systems. Partizan also provides optimal solutions for a wide range of tasks and users thanks to the high quality and attractive price.


AHD Surveillance

AHD systems are reliable and low-cost. The image resolution is HD / FullHD. An advantage of AHD technology is the ability to collect audio and video signals in real time, without delay or loss of quality, up to 500 meters through coaxial cable without extra equipment.. The cameras are connected to a power source and the DVR, and an image may be seen on a monitor, smartphone, or computer over the Internet. AHD devices are simple to set up and are compatible with third-party equipment, making it simple to integrate them into current CCTV systems.

Partizan IP


IP Surveillance

Partizan IP video surveillance is an advanced technology in the field of video surveillance systems. IP systems enable high-quality territorial monitoring and picture reception, allowing for the recognition of small things and banknotes.  Comprehensive features allow the system to be configured to the specific needs of the user. Software from all over the world is used to provide simple and comfortable control. IP technology enables remote monitoring over a network without the need for a DVR or SD card recording. The use of a cloud service – Partizan Cloud Storage – for record storage is an option.