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dvanced Telecommunications  Systems Co. Ltd, established in 1987, is a sales driven organisation, dedicated to Customer Service.

We serve the Hotel industry, Government Departments, Parastatal Bodies, Restaurant and the Office Market for standalone and interconnectable business office products. Currently photocopiers, computers, UPS, telephone networks, computer networks, intercoms, point of sales, PBX and CCTV are our major business, but we intend to build a fast growing market with quality products that fit our unique method of sale/service support capabilities.

Our markets are business large and small, profit or non-profit, public or private – nationwide.

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SUPPORT 8:30 - 17:00
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Wonderland by Disney – POS installation

Discover a wide range of Disney products including soft toys, dolls, clothes and more featuring your favourite Disney characters, available at Wonderland by Disney. Upgrade your business with our PI Electronique System!

Dolci Peccati – POS & Backoffice installation

PPI Key is a professional and unique method to manage the user access and what they are allowed to do with no lengthy passwords that you will probably forget anyway and you can just quickly access your user with just holding your key at POS and it will instantly recognize the user.

Cafe Oasis – POS installation

Cafe Oasis established in 80's was one of the first seafront coffee shops near the Sliema Ferries. Being a centre point in Sliema, it is the ideal place to meet friends before a night out, or just relax and admire the sea views. Spin Pad or Handy is a very reliable tool when it comes [...]

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