After Sales Support

100% Customer Satisfaction

A promise you can believe in

For some companies, customer satisfaction is a 'buzzword' and nothing more. At Advanced Telecommunications Systems Co. Ltd, everything we do, from the way we answer the phone, to the products we stock, is designed to make our customers' lives simpler. And we are 100% committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction, 100% of the time.

It’s not rocket science, but the secret to keeping our customers happy starts with happy staff. Without exception, our staff is 100% committed to our organisation's values and in return we're 100% committed to rewarding and recognising their efforts.


  • Its free to call us
  • We answer calls within 5 rings
  • We deliver next day
  • We continuously test your satisfaction
  • Our staff are experienced and highly trained
  • We get back to you when we say we will
  • We report our progress to you
  • We think differently
  • We act on your feedback