Power Solutions


Riello UPS is one Europe's leading suppliers of single and three phase UPS ranging from 400 VA to 6.4 MVA and Advanced Telecommunications Systems Co. Ltd are there official authorized sales distributors and service centre in Malta.

Founded in 1983, Riello Electronica is now a holding company concentrating a selected group of important and fast-moving companies, mainly operating in electronics and telecommunications fields. These extremely successful companies, although well aware of their role within the group, operate autonomously with their own production and business strategies. Backed by 20 year’s experience, Riello Elettronica is the parent of a group of companies which operate in a number of sectors, Information Technology, Electronics, Telecommunications, Automation, Sensors, and Domotics.

Founded and directed by Pierantonio Riello, its business is focussed on the conversion of energy for industrial and civil applications. It is the European leader in the production of UPS systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply) under the brand names of Riello UPS and AROS. These systems guarantee the continuous supply of power to computers, electromedical and industrial equipment and radar and telecommunication systems. Riello Elettronica also operates in the automation and industrial and home security sector alongside international partners such as AVS Electronics, Telcoma Automation, Innovatech Sweethome and Ceimu.