PI Electronique POS

PI Electronique is a leader in delivering advanced restaurant POS management systems to restaurateurs in Malta. Utilising state of the art hardware POS systems matched with leading handheld technology, PI Electronique restaurant systems deliver the highest levels of functionality and reliability.

The good news is that PI Electronique in Birkirkara, Malta is part of the worldwide family of more than 92,000 installed systems, developed over 28 years in the restaurant capital of the world Paris, France.

The developers (70% are restaurant industry experienced) continue to incorporate local features for different markets e.g Tip Management - US, pints and 1/2 pints management - UK and an exhaustive list of many other features.

The system is purpose built; a combined guarantee and insurance for SUCCESS.

Computer experts are not required to run or maintain the PI system. Installation is a turnkey operation because we prove your system off site and simply CONNECT and POWER up.

Features are added to the system when a need arise e.g KITCHEN POS, RADIO CONTROLLED PRINTERS. Ongoing benefits available to you

The PI system is fully scalable and hardware is fully compatible. Systems operating on soft platforms cannot offer this ongoing protection - compatible today but tomorrow. Who knows??

If you have a problem we own it and that is your guarantee of ongoing success.

Our service aim is to maintain full restaurant operation during your trading hours. 

NB: After a power blackout you’re back on line instantly, no waiting, no lengthy re-booting, no loss of data, no potential disc crashes or indexing issues. Ultimate peace of mind protection built-in

At PI we have on-site repair facilities and technicians

PI Electronique MALTA is committed to establishing partnerships with restaurants like yours including Cafes to Sandwich Bars to Casual Dining to A La Carte to Silver Service. Call to find out how 00356 21484445 or 00356 21484446