Hotelware PMS

With today’s increasing competition in the Hospitality industry the efficiency and friendliness at Front desk is not only a necessity but a prerequisite. Towards that goal Hotelware PMS rich set of features enables the Hospitality people to deliver better service to guests which results in maximizing REV PAR.

Hotelware PMS is designed to meet the different needs of any size hotel or hotel chain and is configurable to operate in either single or multi-property mode. Hotelware PMS Interfaces with all other hotelware systems thus providing the hoteliers a fully integrated solution.

Reservation facilities of Hotelware PMS offers a complete set of tools for managing individual or group reservations directly or through Tour Operators, Travel Agents and Corporate. Reservation confirmations, cancellations, blocking, waiting list, handling of sharers and deposits are included in the functionality provided. User configurable rates management allows
effective contracting handling.

Cashiering functions of Hotelware PMS accommodate all transactions related to guest charges, interim payments, adjustments and bill check-out with multiple settlement methods.

Comprehensive billing instructions set at reservation or on arrival avoid billing disputes at guest departure and provide clear, understandable folio to guests.

The Housekeeping module of Hotelware PMS offers comprehensive rooms management facilities coordinating housekeeping and front desk. Housekeeping status together with availability status provide an audit tool for identifying sleeps and skips.

HotelWare PMS extensive Reporting Module provides the Hotel Management with the necessary tools for forecasting, rates revision, budgeting and overall evaluation of business performance. Occupancy versus revenue generated and business mix analysis (source of business, segments, nationality etc) are some of the statistics provided enabling effective revenue management.

Hotelware PMS Highlights:

  • City or Resort Hotel Operations.
  • Individuals or Groups handling.
  • Configurable Rates Management.
  • Extensive Guest Profile.
  • Complete CRM-based Guest History.
  • Comprehensive Sales Analysis & Statistics.
  • Audit Based Cashiering Cycle.
  • Full Housekeeping Tools.
  • Property Maintenance sub-module.