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The range of products and services offered by ATS Ltd. is tailored to the special needs of private persons, small, medium, and large sized companies as wells as public and Education sector.  Our products have a 2 year warranty included in the price, and with additional charge we cover up to 5 years of extended warranty.  A product stannec sds out through its return on investment.  A high degree of accessibility and performance are the basic configuration prerequisites for this.  



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NEC Storage subsystems are comprehensive, standardised products that can be deployed quickly and easily. They provide incredible price/performance and modular scalability as well as maximum reliability, protecting your initial investment and helping lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With NEC products, you can address your storage dilemma with complete peace of mind.

NEC Storage solutions deliver the balanced capabilities, reliability and scalability that your company needs to protect your business investments. No matter which NEC storage product you choose, you can count upon NEC to provide your ever-changing storage environment with the cutting edge technology that your business needs to flourish. 

The complete line of competitive and reliable NEC storage products makes it possible to anticipate fast and unforeseeable growth requirements in terms of data storage.


The complete subsystems SAN (Storage Area Network) are designed for data centralization and simplification of administration. These subsystems SAN Fibre Channel and iSCSI modular and scalable facilitate integration with existing IT infrastructures.


NEC’s Direct Attach Storage JBOD technology provides maximum storage capacity for superb data expansion. The compact form factor includes redundant power supply, fans and hot-swap drives.


Data protection solution. An Automated, affordable backup solution which is easy to use for SMB.


Desktop virtualization provides your business with an adapted and flexible infrastructure ready to answer all current and future needs.
NEC is a precursor in software and hardware desktop virtualization. Then its complete product and solution offer is reliable and fulfill all needs.
Discover NEC Desktop Virtualization offer

  • FlexNDV : a simple, flexible, easy to deploy desktop virtualization solution with an excellent ROI.
  • FlexvClient : combines the benefits of an all-in-one server with the market standard VMware View.
  • Virtual PC Center (VPCC) : a perfect solution of data/voice/image convergence for enterprises and big entities