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Ways a POS System Can Help the Smooth Running of Your Restaurant

From working against the clock and ensuring customers are well-served to sweating while keeping track of profits, anyone who has ever tried running a restaurant knows the challenges involved. And with a healthy level of competition to not only get customers through the door but also have them returning, a great ambiance and menu will only get you so far. 

And, as the days of analog technology continue to drift further into the past, so do cash registers; nowadays, almost everything is digital, complete with touchscreens and intuitive interfaces, in order to make business processes more efficient. Our team at Advanced Telecommunications Systems shares a few ways you can increase your chance of success with a PoS (Point of Sale) system. 

1. Improves the guest experience

Every step of a customer’s dining experience has an impact on whether they’ll return or not, and nothing puts a diner off more than poor service. When waiting staff take orders on a handheld device that’s part of a PoS system, orders are instantly sent to the kitchen printers, decreasing the chances of miscommunication, food waste, and waiting time…not to mention subjecting your patrons to having to listen to kitchen and waiting staff shouting orders to each other during what’s meant to be a relaxing time.

Ever made your order and spent the next five minutes graphically visualising the decadent chocolate and thinly-sliced strawberries seeping out of the crêpe, only to eventually be approached by the waiting staff who breaks the news that they’re out of strawberries and chocolate? We feel your pain. Another great feature of having a PoS system is that it can track inventory in real time, so the server can immediately notify diners if a dish is not available when taking their order.

2. Employment Management

Although your business need not be a chapter out of George Orwell’s ‘1984’, a PoS system offers a variety of features to manage your staff and keep tab of what is happening at your establishment. It allows you to track when staff have opened and closed their shift, as well as display all the money transactions that went through within that time frame, so servers can be held accountable for their sales. Another benefit a PoS system provides is the cutting down on employee theft, as altering checks in the computer is impossible without a password. 

3. Financial Management

A PoS system is a vital tool in your business. From tracking every penny of every sale and acting as a credit card processor (making swiping more secure), to viewing costs associated with food waste and overstaffing, applying such a system ensures you will always be aware of every aspect of your finances, and allows you to determine and eliminate what is causing losses.

The PI Electronique PoS System: More than just a pretty face! 

The PI Electronique PoS system we offer at Advanced Telecommunication Systems combines multiple features into an easy-to-use product, using the best of today’s technology, such as biometric fingerprint reader and an integrated ISO magnet. From simplifying your bookkeeping to allowing the tracking of sales, cash flow and food inventory, along with the daily operations of running a restaurant, getting a PoS system can help the smoother running of your business enormously.

If you’re looking for a PoS System to optimise your business processes, get in touch now; our team of dedicated and knowledgeable sales and technical staff will offer advice on the correct product or solution. Feel free to give us a call on +356 2148 4445 or send an e-mail to [email protected] for more information about our services and products.

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