Tuesday 4th October 2011

The new generation of SAN storage, NEC M Series, guarantees increased availability and energy savings. NEC IT Platform Solutions, a division of NEC Corporation, is today announcing the launch of its new range of storage solutions, the M Series. Comprising 3 systems (M100, M300 and M500), this series is designed to deliver a scalable, economical, high-performance solution. This new range will gradually replace the D Series range from NEC.

A new range designed to meet the expectations of the storage market

With the exponential increase in the volume of data and its criticality, dynamic and virtualized management of these volumes has today become a priority for SMEs’ as well as corporations.

In order to implement efficient and flexible storage, NEC is offering organisations its new SAN storage solution: the M Series range.

This new M Series range was designed with 2 priority objectives: 

  • To maximise data integrity and availability for better continuity of service, and 
  • To reduce the acquisition and operating costs, to make savings

To do this, NEC used and developed innovative technologies focusing on the following 4 major areas:

  • Offering a flexible and scalable range with advanced functionalities even from the entry-level version
  • Providing a very high level of performance and availability
  • Facilitating implementation and administration, particularly in virtual environments
  • Limiting energy consumption

The M Series is therefore particularly suitable for virtualized environments, the Cloud, databases, data centres, disk-to-disk backups and all storage applications at block level.